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Valechka 05-29-2006 03:09 PM

Does anyone know what products contain brown algae?:confused:

Grinner 07-10-2006 06:37 PM

There are many different levels complexity of answers so i would like to know your age or grade

Thanks for your time

sciencefreak 09-23-2006 08:40 PM


Originally Posted by Valechka
Does anyone know what products contain brown algae?:confused:

Humans use brown seaweed or algae commercially for food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and in the many sciences. Algin is found within the cell walls of the brown seaweed, it is used as an emulsifier in many food products. Fucans, the slimy stuff found on kelps, have potential medicinal uses. People also collect brown seaweed to treat then sell as fertilizer for agricultural crops. Brown algae yield alginic acid, which is used to stabilize emulsions and suspensions; it is found in products such as syrup, ice cream, and paint.

Hope it helps!

RaZoR 10-11-2006 03:29 PM

Yes, it is quite disgusting. People actually do use algae in our food!


Houdini 10-26-2006 12:07 PM

im not eating anything anymore without looking the ingredients. ugh....:eek:

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