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Quicksilver4648 08-09-2006 05:59 PM

Simple Project Idea Involving Technology Needed
Can anyone here help me with getting any good, but simple, techology/computer science fair peoject ideas. I am in 11th. grade, but I want it easier. When I mean simple, I mean simple. Two years ago I did "Is print quality affected by the type of paper used?" Basically, I just printed a picture with the same ink, on the same printer, with the same computer, but different paper. When I say different paper, I mean as in density. Basic cheap copy paper, construction paper, photo paper, and others. Last year I did an experiment seeing if the amount of RAM (Random Access Memory) affected the computer in a stong way, or is it a marketing gimmic. Those projects were REAL quick and REAL easy to do. Does anyone else have another idea(s)? I am in Highschool, but a good Middle School idea will work. I am obviously not planning to win any awards. One requirment for my science fair, is that if I am working on plants or humans then I need a sample size of 20. As in, 20 plants in the experiment. I would greatly prefer computers (not the code or how search engins work), but I am open to anything else. If you have ANY ideas, PLEASE RESPOND!

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