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JohnBRockefeller 10-29-2005 07:39 AM

What motivates humans more?
I came up with some new ideas for my science project and I just wanted to get some opinions on it for my project I'm kind of having a hard time naming it but this is what it involves I plan to have 5 subjects 4 of my associates and myself, 2 of the subjects will be asked to do 10 questions from english, 10 from science, and 10 from math all within 15 minutes with the reward being 20$ for whoever can finish the most and get the higher score but all the while being oblivious of the time, my other two subjects will do the same thing only without an reward but their motivation will come from a timer i will set on the table their doing their work on so they will basically try to beat the clock, and finally myself I will try to get the highest score possible on the test just for a personal best with a teacher monitoring me and telling me when time is up and the purpose of this will be to measure their pulses and figure out which causes the highest level of stress on the subjects if you know of any way i can improve this I will greatly appreciate it.

Caboose38924 02-21-2006 02:42 PM

I think that this is a great project. I dont think that it needs any critique and that it shouldnt be changed. Be sure to private message me with the results.:)

science ace #1 03-14-2006 05:58 PM

did you come up with the project yourself??? it sound really interesting.

SmartyC 03-14-2006 06:08 PM

Nice project. If I was a judge your would catch my attention quickly:)

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