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scienceegirl7th 10-18-2008 09:41 AM

Helpp!! 7th grade science fair project.
I'm in the 7th grade and I am in advanced science. I need an idea for a science fair project that can't be a volcano or anything that harms animals.
I don't really have a preference about what it's about. It need to answer a question, and compare. I have to be able to write a paper about it, and take pictures of it. Please help, and thank you.

Captain Beany 10-18-2008 10:18 AM

Help is on the way
Try these:

1. The effects of seed pretreatment on germination and growth. (Pretreatments are seeds in warm water at 60 degrees Celcius, over night soaking in cold water, cuttting the seed skin prior to planting and control seed.)

2. Can plants deprived of sunlight recover better than a plant deprived of water?

surfergirl 10-29-2008 08:13 PM

when i was in seventh grade i did a project on how age effects observational skills. you need to test 10 people from several age groups (kid, teen, adult, senior) have them study and eye spy picture for one minute. Then have them take a test on the objects on the picture (use how many, what color, ect types of questions). Then find which age group has the highest average score!

Meep 11-05-2008 08:18 PM

I'm in sixth grade and looking for seventh grade project ideas, here are a couple that won't work for my specific teacher's requirements but you could try:

How does sunlight affect plant growth?
What type of paper burns fastest? (100% recycled, regular...)

Meh, I had more but I forgot them.

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