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seaufin/charger 02-28-2006 02:35 PM

Help please
Heres what it is called not found on this site

Vinaigrette V. S. Coca Cola
If you have watched someone make an oil and vinegar salad dressing, you will have undoubtedly noticed that the oil and vinegar separate after a while. Does this happen to some other liquid made up of different substances? How about Coca cola - would it ever separate into it's constituent parts?

any help would be appreciated. Also I am new here. So that means i need some help I dont completely get this.

Caboose38924 03-14-2006 12:43 PM

seperation of substances
I think that this is beyond my area of expertise, but i think that the oil and vinegar seperates in salad dressing because they have different masses. The oil is thicker than the vinegar. I think that coca cola doesnt seperate, because either the masses of all of the liquids are the same, or that coca cola(the company) already thought of that, and put something in the drink that kept the drink from seperating. Good Luck!:)

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