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tippy 02-26-2006 06:11 PM

Softball Launcher
Need info on making a softball launcher. Must be free standing and be able to shoot straight and fire quickly. Anything but GUNPOWDER can be used. Student will be graded on accuracy of hitting target and how many balls are launched in one minute. Very nervous mom here, don't know where to begin!! HELP- project due 3-8-06!!!!!!!! This is my daughters project for 11th grade physics class. Any help is welcome!!!!!!

Grinner 02-27-2006 01:04 PM

A you may know you could use pnumatics(presurized air) You could try going to me brothers site and check out his POTATO launcher. The same princpile!


Caboose38924 02-28-2006 01:33 PM

Potato Launcher
sweet. I have to try this at home. (shoot all my friends with potatoes.) lol :angel: :tongue:

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