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shumedria 11-20-2008 10:43 AM

do all colors fae at the same rate?
i would like to know if colors fade at the same rate:)

colleen_13 11-20-2008 12:52 PM

No, here is why
Without getting too technical, just remember that each color is made by
using a different dye and therefore a different chemical. The same color
on different materials is made from different dyes. Fading is caused by
either the breakdown of the dye into smaller chemicals or by just washing
the dye from the fabric. The terms for this are lightfastness (resistance
to light fading) and wetfastness (resistance to chemicals/washing).

When you wash or bleach fabric the dyes can resist the reaction with the
bleach or resist washing off at different rates. It is like when you
spill mustard on your shirt or get dirt on your pants. Ketchup washes off
fairly easy, while dirt is hard to get out. Dyes are very similar. The
goal of textile companies is to find dyes that have high fastness (very
resistant). These dyes are however more expensive and used only in more
expensive clothing. Sometimes you only need one fastness. Take car seats
for example. They need to be lightfast (always outside), but not wetfast
(never washed).

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