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anya 11-28-2005 01:25 PM

Dear Mad Scientist and the rest of the jolly crew%^&*

I could really use your help... My name is Anya, I`m 18 years old and I come from Novi Sad, Serbia. My hobby is astronomy. Well, a bit more than that. I`ve already done one science project, which will be presented on the Petnica Science Center annual conference in a few weeks (big thing over here). Moon cratering, CCD observations, impact objects mass distribution, working out impact energy, discussing the situation on Earth and so on... Pretty cool.
Anyhow, now I need to figure out what kind of research I would like to do there in the upcoming year. >>> new astronomy project idea? help _ help _ help_ :confused:

I would prefere something which will include observations and definitely no computer simulations. I can handle some serious maths and physics, but still don`t make it too harsh.
I suppose that those you`ve already suggested on the site would be considered under my level, although they`re marked as a high school thing to do. :(
Stars? Meteors?

So...? Any ideas?
Thanks a lot in advance. ;)

Stay young and beautiful......

"World ends today at 9:30 pm! Film at 11:00..."

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