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SmartyC 03-12-2006 08:52 AM

Hey, SmaryC needs a good title :3
Of course my project is on Supernova's. Now my question is, will our sun become a supernova or remain a white dwarf. What is a nice title for this project?

Thank you,

Caboose38924 03-14-2006 01:04 PM

i thought of this one myself
I know its kinda corny,lol, but how about "Can This White Dwarf Become A Supernova Star???" like super star, but supernova star. Well, u can laugh at it all you want, I laughed when i thought of it too. :D Good Luck!!! with picking your title!:)

SmartyC 03-14-2006 06:00 PM

I like it
I like that title alot. It was better then the one I was going to use from my sister, "Hey Sun! Are you big enough?" LOL


science ace #1 03-14-2006 06:05 PM

hahha that's not really bad you know...

Mad Scientist 03-14-2006 07:36 PM

Nice title for your science fair project
Quick thinking, caboose! Interesting project - when is it due?

SmartyC 03-15-2006 03:57 PM

Due date
It is due the 21 of March, but I'm 95% done. Glad too!:)

Caboose38924 03-16-2006 05:27 PM

ty mad. also, srry that the title was so lengthy. the title ur sister suggested isnt so bad either. I think that u could use either one. btw: ur project is due 3 days before my birth day!!!

Amon L'isa 03-18-2006 01:03 PM

Hey Smarty, are u done? Well, it will probably become a white dwarf. First a red giant, and then explode. It will probably be a white dwarf.:) Am, sorry for not being here for the last few weeks...

So, Smarty, tell me, what did u write about? Just wanna hear:)

SmartyC 03-18-2006 07:48 PM

Research Question

Will our sun become a white dwarf or a supernova? The faith of the star depends on its mass. I am fascinated by the sun’s faith whether it be a small dense ball, or a miracles phenomenon.

White Dwarf or Supernova?

If our sun suddenly starts to die and it’s at the last stage, there is a small chance it would become a supernova. Only huge stars go through that change; the sun is definitely too small. For instance, there have been many explosions in 2005; all were at least 8 times bigger then the sun.

Stars last years
There are generally 4 types of stars’. Dwarf stars are the smallest and are about have the size of our sun if not smaller. Then there are stars that have a proximally the mass of our sun, scientist referrer to these as “1 mass” stars. Next, giant stars which are “10 mass” or ten times the size of our sun. Finally come supernova stars that are an amazing “30 mass”, thirty times the size of our sun!
Dwarf stars are the smallest and live the longest. Some of them, created when the universe began, are still living today.
After billions of years a stars hydrogen supply will be used up. There will be no more hydrogen to fuse into helium, so the core will cool down. As the core cools, outer layers of the sun will crush, so the star will heat up again. Weak radiation comes to the surface the star will glow red, because weak radiation is red. This will swell into a Red Giant.
Second, the red giant would cool off once more time. The outer layers will still compress, but this time the star will not expand. It will probably shrink until it is about the size of Earth. The star will be so hot, that is will become a White Dwarf star shinning off excess light. For billions of years, the White Dwarf will cool until it will no longer shine. That is when it will become a lifeless Black Dwarf.
A white dwarf star is incredibly dense. One tablespoon of the white dwarf material will way as much as a truck!
Giant, Nova, and Supernova stars are the ones who become a supernova explosion. When they run out of hydrogen their outer layer will tumble in so fast that is will just erupt as a supernova star. The hot core will be exposed; the remaining matter will be hurled off into space keeping the cycle continuing. Supernova stars act slightly different. When their hydrogen runs out they also expand and also explode. However, due to their huge mass, it will pull in everything around it, creating a black hole.
· Foam balls
· Paint
· Water
I used three sources of information: family, Internet, and books about the solar system. Books were my primary source on the stars. They contain more incite on what I needed. Secondary source was my family, for they might have some useful ideas for the display. The Internet came last; it would have just given me the answer to my hypothesis.
Then, once I got the data I put it in order. There were files marked “White Dwarf”, “Red Giant”, “Sun” and “Other”. In each portfolio there was information on those specific topics. Measurements, statistics, calculations, colors, sketch, etcetera were held there. Next step was to put what I learned with what I wanted to know.
I looked up resent supernova explosions. That gave me the diameter and mass of the star that erupted. If any of the stars were within the range I wanted, “3 mass” to “5 mass”, then I would mark them “Sun Nova”. The one beyond that range were, “No Nova”. Many supernovae happened in 2005, I took only about 14/16. All landed in the “No Nova” file.
Taking what I know about the solar system, I constructed a model along with the stages of the death. My materials were foam balls for the planets and stars, wire for the orbits, and paint. Then for a tad bit of decoration, glitter hit the spot. The display board was a little more complex, with so little to put yet so much needed. I decided to do the board last.

Recent Supernova
Their matter will be cast into space to form new stars.
Both Supernovae had a mass 8 times greater then our sun. All the ones I researched had a lot more mass then the sun.
The blue picture with the two glowing orbs to the left is a white dwarf. That is what our sun will turn into, not a supernova.

Hypothesis was right!
The facts that I have collected lead me to the conclusion, “Our sun will remain a White Dwarf instead of becoming a supernova explosion”. It came down to the mass of the star and ours wasn’t massive enough. Only “8 mass” and more stars become supernovae.
Until this project I thought all explode and let their matter float into space creating new stars. I increased my knowledge of what I thought I knew a hefty amount about.

This is nt completely finished so I got like a grip of mistakes that I have to fix. But this is a taste. :star:
Any comments just post them!!!

Caboose38924 03-23-2006 06:19 PM

good job so far. good luck with the grade

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