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Caboose38924 03-09-2006 03:15 PM

First Post!!!!!
srry to the FLP, especially BB, but i just had to add that into the title. I also have a question. What is optics?:confused: I seriously have no idea.

minnie30567746 03-09-2006 03:31 PM

I think it is like eyesight. I want to know, do contacts really feel bad? I have heard that a chemical reaction happens with your eyes that causes itches?

Grinner 03-10-2006 01:53 PM

The First Period
Well first of all the encyclopedia Definition is seen as below:

See also list of optical topics.
Optics (appearance or look in ancient Greek) is a branch of physics that describes the behavior and properties of light and the interaction of light with matter. Optics explains and is illuminated by optical phenomena.

The field of optics usually describes the behavior of visible, infrared and ultraviolet light; however since light is an electromagnetic wave, analogous phenomena occur in X-rays, microwaves, radio waves, and other forms of electromagnetic radiation. Optics can thus be regarded as a sub-field of electromagnetism. Some optical phenomena depend on the quantum nature of light and as such some areas of optics are also related to quantum mechanics.

Optics, however, as a field is often considered largely separate from the physics community. It has its own identity, societies, and conferences. The pure science aspects of the field are often called Optical Science or Optical Physics. Applied optical sciences are often called optical engineering. Applications of optical enginering related specifically to illumination systems is called illumination engineering. Each of these disciplines tends to be quite different in its applications, technical skills, focus, and professional affiliations.

Because of the wide application of the science of "light" to real-world applications, the area of optical science, and optical engineering tends to be very cross-disiplinary. You will find optical science a part of many related disciplines including electrical engineering, physics, psychology, medicine, and others

Caboose38924 03-10-2006 02:12 PM

thanks for the help

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