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starlight5 11-01-2006 10:58 AM

Help Please!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
hi i need help on my science fair project

i cant pick which project to do can u pleaseee help me
these are the three topics i choose
Tell me if there is any way i can make it better by expanding it any way

1.) which combination of metals( zinc and nickel, nickel and copper or copper and lead) has the highest voltage? ( is this too easy or is there anyway i can extend to make it better)

2.) which battery ( potato, lemon or banana) has the highest voltage?

3.) i was going to do something about invisible ink but i dont have any ideas please tell me if u do


rachaelroxursox2 11-13-2006 01:17 PM

1st-what grade are you in?
I really like the first two, and I think the one about metals and voltage would be the best...if you need help with it just ask :]

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