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D Parker 01-02-2006 02:33 PM

Need Help finding why project concluded the way it did
Hi Mad Scientist,

For my project I dissolved gobstoppers( candy ) in different cool liquids
I used water, sprite, sierra mist and mountain dew to see which dissolved the
quickest and water dissolved it the quickest. I have all my project variables and results but what I need help with is finding out why water dissolved the
candy the quickest over sodas. Where can I find out this information to go
on my report?

Thank you so much,

Morgan P.

dreamerofeternity 04-22-2006 01:49 PM

I have an idea, though not sure.

The candy is made of sugar, right? Have you ever heard of diffusion? It's pretty hard for a solution packed with sugar, like soda, to contain more sugar, but water doesn't have that many solutes, so thing dissolve easily.

Actually, to test my hypothesis, you should do another follow up experiment. How does the rate of dissolving change as the solution is more and more concentrated? Let's say you time the time it takes a candy to dissolve in pure water. Then after it has finished dissolving, add another one and time it again. Does it get slower and slower? If it does, my hypothesis is right. If not, then there's probably another reason.

Also, check out the nutrition labels on these sodas. Which sodas have the most sugar and sodium? The sodas with the most sugar/sodium, if coincidentally dissolves the candy the slowest, would match with my hypothesis.

xxluckie4uxx 09-27-2006 05:57 PM

Wow =] I did the same project as you today lol.. before i saw this of course. so i used vinegar, alcohol, and salt water. salt water worked the best, because it was made of water. gobstoppers are sugar, which in water the sugar is removed from its object and remains in the liquid it says in. Hope that Helps. And Good Luck =]


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