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proud-2-be-brain-dead 09-30-2006 09:02 AM

ok, now, this is a VERY hard test, but guess what? onlii ONE question. alli want you to do is answer the question truthfully and smertfully. if it s correct, u dont get anything, but if u get it wrong, u still don't get anything. okie dokie, here it is:

QUESTION: WHAT is my first name?

alright, now lets see if u get that right, and don;t forget to usde ur scientific methods to figure this one out!! :p

rachaelroxursox2 11-20-2006 08:48 AM


Caboose38924 02-14-2007 08:49 AM

My Answer
Is it Allie?
I guessed this because you spelled smartfully with an "e" instead of an "a" and you put the words "all" and "i" together. And "I" wasnt capitalized.

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