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baa1234 09-29-2008 05:46 PM

Need an idea for a science project
I have been researching for miscellaneous information, trying to find something that might give me an idea.. I haven't been too lucky in finding an idea... I want to do an experiment involving bacteria for which I can easily acquire the materials. Acquiring the bacteria is no problem; it is just that the more common ideas (i.e. electric currents, UV rays) are "too cliché," so my Chem. teacher wouldn't accept any of them. He suggested that I look into vitamins and antioxidants and their effects on bacterial (or other organisms') growth (vitamins should have a direct impact on the bacterium, and not supplement an immune system).. Could someone give suggestions related to vitamins and antioxidants, or, if not, any suggestions for experiments based on anything? Thanks.

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