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baby65456 01-20-2006 11:15 PM

Need help on making a model
This is the first time i am posting so let me say hi to everyone in this forum:)
Anyway i have a science project that is to design a model to illustrate an application of nature's architecture.I have come out with a rough idea of a making a "venus flytrap" that will snap when a mosquito (or any other insect) lands on its sensitive hair and when its trapped a vaccum will "suck" the bug into a disposable bag and attracting the mosquito using water vapour,carbon dioxide and a heat source.But now i have a problem..that is how to make a model of a venus flytrap!With no guildlines or any help on google or yahoo..i am lost.Any help would be nice on how to make a model of a venus flytrap thanks a million :star: (Sorry if i am too long-winded)I am grade 8

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